Sunday, June 28, 2015

US Trip - Miami

After the quick 'rest days' in Tampa, we headed to Miami via Megabus. Can you believe that we bought those tickets for only 1 dollar each? When I booked it online, I think it was on sale. Anyway, we reached our destination before 12PM. We checked in at 'Metropolitan by COMO' and I must say, the hotel is okay but not that great and it was a bit expensive when I booked it. We rested for a while then searched for a place to eat as were very hungry after the bus trip.

We found this place called 'Maxine's Bistro & Bar'. We were surprised with the serving, it was huge and we weren't able to finish all of them so we had a takeout.

We walked around the streets of Miami, around South Beach. It was raining that time so we really didn't enjoy it. So we decided to go back to hotel and rest instead. We also had drinks in the hotel's bar and ordered 'Singapore Sling' and 'Sleeping Volcano'.

The next day was more exciting. We had an early breakfast in the hotel. I think we were the first one in the restaurant. The breakfast meal wasn't that good. It wasn't a buffet so we had to order. We ate a simple omelet and a chicken/pork sausage. But the surroundings and atmosphere is kind of nice and properly designed.

After that, we walked around the beach. The weather was very good that time. We saw some tourists enjoying the water. We walked almost three hours and just enjoyed the sun and took some pictures. After that quick dip, we went to the streets and looked for some stores that are selling souvenirs. It was just a one day stay in Miami. We can't say that it was a great vacation but it was good enough to see this famous city. We will definitely come back to Miami but for sure it will be longer. See below video to see other pictures that we took.


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