Monday, June 22, 2015

US Trip - Tampa

After that quick tour in Washington DC, we flew next to Tampa, the "hometown" of Ne. We stayed for two days at their house. It was like a very smooth and relaxing two days as we only cooked and visited a Filipino store and a mall. I really liked the Ledet's house as it is very spacious and properly designed. I also liked the "old" stuff inside the house and their pool. I stayed in their guest room and Ne was kind enough to bring me new (newly washed?) bed sheets and blanket haha.

As I mentioned, we went to this Filipino food cafe named 'Filipiniana'. You can visit their Facebook page by clicking here. They are selling Pinoy delicacies and we ordered 'Halo Halo' that time. We went there with Ne's friend Sandy and her husband Steve.

The couple was very kind enough to drive us to one of the biggest malls in Tampa, the International Plaza. We just walked around the mall and checked some stall for some interesting things to buy but in the end, we bagged nothing. We really didn't spend much time to see other things around Tampa. Instead, we took the chance to rest and wash our clothes at the Ledet's mansion hehe.


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