Friday, July 3, 2015

Iftar Dinner @ Al Hallab

Iftar is the meal consumed by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan or the holy month. As a tradition in our office, we organized an iftar dinner with colleagues from SPb visiting Dubai for business matters. After considering several options, we booked tables in Al Hallab Restaurant at Mall of the Emirates.

The meal is a buffet style and I must say that there are variety of foods that you will enjoy. Our Russian colleagues enjoyed their meals. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very pleasant and very nice and the staff are really accommodating and helpful. The food option starts from appetizer to main course and dessert, all separated by big tables. I am very satisfied with the taste of the food, it is very different from other iftar meals that we had. The restaurant was full that time so if you want to eat there, better book early. Also, the buffet will end at 9PM but we stayed longer just to talk with each other and had a very wonderful time bonding with the Russian colleagues.


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