Tuesday, August 4, 2015

US Trip - Arizona

We arrived at Las Vegas around 6 PM and had few drinks in a bar. But in the next day, we boarded the bus that took us to the State of Arizona. I booked the tour online via grandcanyontours.com and the service was not that bad. They provided coffee and bread from the bus stop while queuing in the line. At first stop, we found ourselves at Hoover Dam. The construction was built between 1931 and 1936. It is actually situated in the border of US states of Arizona and Nevada. Aside from being the largest reservoir in the US by volume, it also generates power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona and California. Actually, we were just outside the dam. We weren't able to get inside for some reasons. On the popular culture, they are saying that the US government is hiding a UFO or aliens inside the dam, haha.

After that quick tour in the dam, we had a buffet lunch along Route 66. Then we headed to the Grand Canyon. Oh, the view was amazing! It is one of the biggest tourist attractions that I have seen. The feeling was definitely and undeniably ecstatic. The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site so you would expect a proper preservation of the place. I was in awe just by staring at it. We entered the park from South Rim as I believe it is more accessible for tourists. Around the area, you will find lodging services where you can book a room and enjoy the magnificent view. There are some stores and even an RV park. It was a very fast trip in Arizona but seeing the Grand Canyon was totally worth it. See more pictures from the video below:


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