Monday, August 3, 2015

US Trip - Los Angeles

From San Francisco, we headed next to Los Angeles via Megabus. We were fortunate to stay with Ne's relatives, Tito Raffy and Tita Lods. They were very accommodating and nice people. Their love story is superb but I won't go into details about that. Anyway, we stayed at their house and Tita Lods always cooked the best and tasty meals. Our initial plan was to get a hop on hop off bus tour but Tito Raffy was kind enough to drive us around LA.

Hence, our first stop was in Palos Verdes. We visited there the Wayfarers Chapel which is also known as the 'Glass Church'. It is very famous for glamorous wedding and the view that surrounded it is very peaceful because of the dramatic sceneries of the ocean and hills. We also made a quick stop at 'Redondo Beach' which is located in the South Bay region of the Los Angeles area.

Afterwards, Tito Raffy drove us around the very famous Hollywood Boulevard. But first, we went our way up to the 'Griffith Observatory' where we saw the very famous 'Hollywood Sign'. It was like a dream come true for both of us, we only saw it before in movies! Haha! The place was jam-packed with tourists but we were still able to get a good shot. Of course we wouldn't miss the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame'. We walked along the boulevard and took several pictures. Ne and I really enjoyed the place as we also saw some street performers and impersonators.

We also made a quick tour around the famous 'Beverly Hills'. Oh yes, this place is totally for rich people. The place is full of famous brands and I really appreciated the architectural structure of some of the stores. Of course, we couldn’t afford to buy anything in that 'mall' but walking around the streets was good enough to feel 'rich' even for few minutes haha.

The next day, it was Sunday and before our tour, we attended a service at 'Calvary Chapel South Bay'. It was a feel good moment that we were able to seek for guidance and protection on that day. We visited the 'USS Iowa (BB-61)' ship. It is the last lead ship of any class of the United States battleship and was the only ship of her class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. We also visited 'The Queen Mary', also an old ship that sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. They said that there are ghosts inside the ship. We also made a fast journey at 'Downtown Disney' and 'Universal Studios' but we didn't get inside as for myself, I have tried it both in Hong Kong and Singapore. We just walked around the place and enjoyed some ice cream and the surrounding itself.

On our last day in Los Angeles, we were on our own. Tito Raffy had to go to work. So Ne and I took bus and train to reach the famous 'Farmers Market'. It is basically a place where you can buy a lot of stuff and eat several cuisines at very affordable prize. And just beside the market, is 'The Grove'. It is like a big mall where people can buy signature labels or just enjoy the place. We watched the movie 'The Maze Runner' and we kinda enjoyed it. Tito Raffy picked us up to get home. From LA, we headed next to Las Vegas but that will be in the next post. Play the video below to see more of the pictures we took during our LA trip.


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