Friday, July 15, 2016

My Israel Itinerary

My trip in Israel took a lot of planning and trust me, it was fun. During the initial phase of creating the "procedures" on how to roam around this country, I felt a lot of excitement (as always). Anyway, as you may know, there was a huge change in this itinerary. My original plan was to rent a car and as the rental companies require credit card, I can't provide one. The story was that UAE credit cards are blocked for any transactions in Israel. So instead of crying all night because of that unfortunate situation, my sister and I used the public transportation (mostly buses) and it turned out to be a lot better. We experienced the "local feel" on how to commute. Below was my itinerary and the amount was in AED. Forget about the route, use Google maps to plan your public transport and hopefully this can help you if you plan to visit Israel.


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