Sunday, September 18, 2016

Amador Causeway & Cinta Costera

My last day in Panama was mostly spent in parks and famous streets. From the hotel, I took metro then bus going to Albrook terminal. From there, I asked about the exact station to wait going to Amador Causeway. Unfortunately, I didn't find a clear answer. So I just took a cab (for 10 USD) and asked the driver to bring me to 'Mi Ranchito', a well known restaurant in the causeway. Basically, the causeway (calzada) connects three little islands to the main land. When they excavated some land area to build the Panama Canal, no rocks and soil were put to waste. They used it to build the connection and eventually the causeway.

When I was there, there are still lots of construction and no much happening. For now, it is mostly residential area with some activities for the kids. 

Along the causeway, you will see an unusual building structure. It is the Bio Museum. The design of the building can't be missed as you will notice it because of its non-ordinary architecture. It is a place of exhibition of biological diversion of the country.

From the causeway, I took again a cab (for 4 USD) going to Cinta Costera. Families can have picnics and spend some quality time in here. I also saw some joggers and tourists walking along the marina. The Panama skyline can be seen from here and the view is great!

I also noticed the Panama sign displayed in a very colorful way. Panama is a progressive country and I can say, very safe to travel. Also, the public transportation is very easy to use for easy navigation of the city.


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