Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mi Primer Dia en Costa Rica

From the plane, I was delighted to see the San Jose neighborhood from above. The immigration process was fast and simple. As usual, I was asked with basic questions: how many days in Costa Rica and what is the purpose. As I passed the exit, a lot of taxi drivers approached me and asked where is my destination and if I wanted a private taxi. Eventually, I chose this one guy who seemed to be nice and genuine. His name is Cristian then he started to talk about the city and what to do and what to avoid.

Then I told him the hotel that I will be staying at but he said that it is a dangerous area. So he brought me to the area first so that I can assess it. Indeed, the area seemed to be out of way and a bit unusual. He said that at night, many prostitutes are standing along the street. Honestly, I just chose this hotel because it was cheap. So I asked him to bring me to a safe area and he suggested 'Hotel Vesuvio'. I think it was instinct that I trusted Cristian so I didn't care if he received any commission but I did not regret it. He left me his number just in case I need transport or something else. I would recommend you to contact him if you are in San Jose.

Hotel Vesuvio is 30 dollar more expensive but the area seemed to be safe and quiet and walking distance from the central avenue and restaurants. I checked the room first and it was okay. The staff who welcomed me was very accommodating and very nice. He assisted me to include me in the group tour for the next two days. So I put down my bag, secured some important items in the safety deposit box then headed out to walk around.

Parque Morazan is about 12 minute walk. It was good and many people were there just chilling and relaxing. I didn't spend much time as I was very hungry.

Also walking distance from the hotel is the Parque Central. I saw a lot of policemen there. Actually, it didn't look like a park, it is more of a 'plaza' atmosphere. It is surrounded by a church, government buildings and other establishments.

Finally, I found a restaurant called 'RostiPollos' and ordered a quarter chicken. I love the juicy taste of the pollo and I was curious about the beans and it tasted good especially when mixing with rice. The waiter who attended me was also very nice. He is from Peru and living in Costa Rica for 22 years now. The atmosphere is quite welcoming so I went back here on my last night in San Jose.


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