Friday, September 30, 2016

Nicaragua Trip: Managua City

After checking into the hotel and did a quick rest, I started to roam the city of Managua. This is the capital and the largest city of Nicaragua. The population as of 2015 is more than 1 million. This city is very clean! I was actually surprised. It is way cleaner than San Jose. From hotel, it was just a walking distance (around 30 to 45 minutes) to Plaza de la Revolucion.

Also known as Republic Square, this plaza is home to Managua's historical buildings. This place experienced a terrible earthquake in 1972 that most of the structures around it were almost destroyed. Somehow, some of them survived and restored. The square's main spots are as follows:

Old Cathedral. Also known as Catedral del Santiago and designed by Pablo Dambach. 

National Palace of Culture. Also built by Pablo Damach, this building survived the 1972 Nicaraguan earthquake. Currently, it is also the site of National Archive, National Library and National Museum.

Casa Presidencial. Also called 'Casa Naranja', was constructed to house the government officials of the republic.

Monument of Ruben Dario. It was built to commemorate his contribution to the Nicaraguan poetry. He was a very influential figure in the Spanish literature and journalism in the 20th century.

Next, just a 5 minute walk from the plaza is the tourist port of the capital 'The Salvador Allende Port'. There is a one dollar entrance fee. This place is filled with restaurants, markets, playground for kids and and area to just sit and relax and watch the sunset by the lake.

There is also a service being offered if you want to sail by the lake with a small cruise.

Of course I wouldn't miss to try the food from there. I ordered this big fried fish and I wasn't able to finish it so I had to ask to pack it for take away. Though it was a tiring day, it was still worth it. I was impressed by the cleanliness of this city and the very nice people who always smile.


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