Saturday, October 29, 2016

Honduras Trip: La Tigra National Park

From El Picacho, I tried to negotiate with a cab driver to bring me to La Tigra National Park. It was more than 1 hour to go there. In the end, we agreed to a payment of 50 USD back and forth. He will bring me there and bring me back to the hotel. He was a very nice person with two kids but don't speak English but we understood each other eventually. So after the deal was closed, we drove to an uphill climb to Honduras' first national park.

The entrance is 10 USD. The park encompasses a cloud forest and eight hiking trails. I took the 'Sendero Bosque Nablado' trail. The trail is more than 2 hours hike and obviously, going down is easier. I was told that the place could be chilly so proper clothes is advisable. Also, guides are not really needed as long as you stick to the main trails.

The park is heavily forested with towering trees, orchids and large fens. The trails are easy to walk with, steps and small stairs are provided. The name of the park means 'The Tigress' and I was fortunate that I didn't see one. I was told that the park have several elusive creatures around. I actually didn't see any animals around but I must admit, it was a bit scary hiking alone in the middle of the forest.

La Tigra is the biggest remaining natural area near the capital Tegus. The park also supplies about thirty percent of the city's fresh water consumption. If you are planning to visit this place via bus, there are buses leave from Parque Herrera about four times a day. You will also need to bring anti-insect spray or lotion. If walking through the cloud forest and hiking is your passion, don't miss this park.


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